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Our job is to create remarkable content that will bring awareness to your cause. 


What we do a nutshell

We find people who are making a difference

and then we show the world.


Footage, Interviews, Success Stories. We get everything we need to portray your story in the best way.


We spread your cause using platforms like Youtube and Instagram to reach as many people as possible.  


Project Spotlight will then attach a donation page to each video, enabling everyone to get involved.

How we do it

Trust the process.

Redefined Storytelling.

Sold yet?

Project Spotlight comes in for two days to collect all the content for the video.

We ask questions, gather footage, and get a feel for what your organization is all about.

Here comes the good stuff. We take all the content and put together a killer story... 

that you'll be able to share with the world forever. 

It's pretty simple. Our goal is to make an audience feel something that wasn't there before they hit play. "Something" that makes them want to get up and start changing the world just like you.

Who we are

Behind the lens.

We are high school students

telling stories that inspire our generation.

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A group geared towards spreading positivity and shining light on the stories that matter.

Project Spotlight
Based in Boston, MA 
call: (857) 220-7855
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