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About Me

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Hey. I'm Ajan.

I'm currently a first-year Documentary Studies & Production major at Ithaca College. 


Since discovering the remarkable world of film, I’ve become fixated on using my craft to tell stories of the incredible people around me. Because my high school didn’t have a strong media presence, I spent my time teaching myself the Adobe Suite, connecting with local organizations, and building up my portfolio. Utilizing the nonprofit production company I founded my junior year, encapturing studios, I was able to shoot promotional advertisements for institutions like Simmons University and the Mayor’s Office of Boston. Consequently, I was given the opportunity to direct a documentary, “Change is Coming,” for The March For Our Lives, in Washington, DC. 

Now that I have the resources of Ithaca College at my fingertips, I'm very excited for what's to come! Big projects coming soon :) 

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